Applebee’s Jobs – Positions Available

What Types Of Jobs Are Available At Applebee’s:

Applebee’s Restaurant Job benefits:

Completing your Applebee’s online application is just your first step toward success and a bright, secure future. All employees of Applebee’s benefit from flexible schedules and highly competitive pay among food service careers. All employees benefit from paid on the job training as well. Associates that are eligible for further benefits will enjoy healthcare and additional benefits. Job benefits for healthcare include medical, vision and dental plans. Flexible spending accounts and assistance programs may be available depending on the individual location based on franchised benefits.

Applebee’s benefits include future planning also. 401(k) plans for retirement and planning services are available for qualified associates. Protection against accidents and unfortunate circumstances will also be offered for eligible employees through life insurance and disability insurance.

Employees at Applebee’s may also qualify for paid time off, including sick leave, personal days and vacation day accumulation. These may vary depending on individual locations.

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Applebee’s offers the following positions:

Hosts: Hosts operate at the highest level of customer service. They are the backbone, the hub of guest flow and information. Hosts are the first person a guest meets upon entering the restaurant and can be set too many tasks such as greeting the guest, seating, making reservations for groups and answering any questions the guests have concerning menu items or other general questions concerning the restaurant. Hosts may also be asked to fulfill certain jobs to assist the management staff, or making certain tables are set properly for guests. Applebee’s hosts must have an approachable and engaging personality to thrive in the face-paced workflow as the face of the team.

Most applicants that do not already have experience as a host or hostess will begin around minimum wage however can go up to $10.00 per hour depending on the location.

Bartenders: Applebee’s bartenders are on the front line of fun as they excel at preparing drinks and creating an atmosphere welcoming to our guests. Bartenders also assist as bar backs in some restaurants and serve a vital position in the guest experience. An attention to detail, cleanliness and basic math skills are absolutely necessary as a bartender. Some states may require additional training or coursework for certification to handle alcoholic beverages. Most Applebee’s location however offers training on-site for newly hired bartenders.

These positions can begin around $8.00 an hour and go up to $11.00 or more depending on experience. Bartenders typically earn tips as well for their expertise.

Server: At Applebee’s the servers are the primary interactive agents between a guest and the restaurant as a whole. Servers are responsible for ensuring that orders are taken for both food and drink, and that satisfaction is guaranteed. Servers are trained to memorize orders and to make certain every need of the patron is fulfilled. The training to become a server can take approximately a week, with emphasis on food handling techniques and proper etiquette for guest interaction. The computer system used to complete customers orders will be taught during the training as well.

Server’s that exhibit excellent customer service and hold the experience of the guest as top priority stand to receive cash tips from the guests. The starting pay may vary according to individual states minimum wages.

Kitchen staff: The heart of Applebee’s success has always rested in the amazing food served. The kitchen staff encompasses many roles in the preparation of food and maintenance of the utilities of each location. Support roles in the kitchen include washing dishes, bussing tables and various other assigned tasks. The role of cook consists of several levels and positions of food preparation. There are prep-cooks and line cook as well as cook that specialize in particular methods, like grill or broiler cooks.

Kitchen staff wages begin around $10.00 per hour. Experience and time spent on the job can increase this amount to $13.00 or more an hour.