Applebee’s Job Application – Apply online

Applebee’s application online- apply now


Applebee’s is known for being bright and inviting and offering a great, neighborhood experience. One of the icons of the restaurant industry, Applebee’s prides itself on offering a great mixture of down home feeling and diverse flavors; both in its food and in its staff. Going beyond their duty of being an Equal Opportunity Employer, Applebee’s promotes a healthy diversity in the workplace that celebrates the differences of each individual. If this sounds like someplace that you want to be a part of, read on to learn more about how you can complete an Applebees application.

As an Applebee’s team member, you will have great opportunities to work in the restaurant industry. These opportunities will extend to opportunities for advancement and expansion. Not only will you have the opportunity to explore great restaurant locations, you will also have the option of exploring corporate and support center positions. In addition, Applebee’s operates internationally, so those of you who want to look beyond just the U.S. market, there may be great opportunities for you at Applebee’s. Don’t wait to get your future off to a great start, fill out your Applebees job application now, and get ready for an exciting new adventure!

Read on for great information about the Applebee’s application and what you need to know as you get ready to start a new career.

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The Application:

When you first access the Applebees job application on thier website, you will find three different links that will direct your job search inquiry. The first one is hourly team member positions. The second is management positions. And the third one is support center and corporate positions. As you navigate through each of the tabs, you will find everything you need to know about the available positions and what is expected and required. By entering your zip code first, you will find a list of the available positions in your area, along with the link to the Applebees application online.

The link will take you to a new tab filled with information. Beginning with basic information about the company, you will start with a helpful registration option, which is always great so you can re-access information if needed. You’ll begin by filling out some basic information about yourself. Make sure that all your information is current and accurate before moving forward. Next you will follow some simple steps that will be marked on the left side of the page. After your information is entered, you will proceed through creating a profile, identifying your schedule, and listing your education, employment experience and references.

The Applebees online application is very user-friendly and easy to follow. But, should you have questions, there is a number provided at the bottom of the screen for a help line. Once all your information is complete and you submit your application, you will find tabs at the top listing your applications and open opportunities. This is a great way for you to view your information and the information on available positions through Applebee’s. This makes your Applebee’s job application experience a great one, with the ability to update and apply to new positions as needed.

Age Requirements:

At most Applebee’s locations, you will have to be 18 years of age in order to apply. You should check with the location in which you are interested in working however. Depending upon the position that you apply for, additional age requirements may be applied. Also, because many Applebee’s are independently owned and operated, persons younger than 18 may qualify for certain positions.

Application Review and Interview:

The hardest part after finishing an Applebee’s job application is waiting to hear whether you got the job. Entering into an exciting new career may leave you impatient to hear results. Be patient however, and don’t give in to the temptation to follow up too often. The appropriate people will review your application and will contact you when they have reached a decision. Because many Applebee’s locations are independently owned and operated, you should also field any questions about your application to that individual location.

Once your Applebees application has been received and reviewed, you may be asked to attend an interview. This interview may be with a manager, owner, or human resource officer, depending on what position you apply for and at what location.

  • Often, each individual location will conduct its own hiring and terminating, so any follow up, questions, concerns, or comments should be directed toward that particular location and not Applebee’s in general.
  • For hourly positions, you will most likely interview with either a restaurant manager or assistant manager.
  • Management applicants may follow a similar chain of events, but may interview with a district and/or regional manager depending upon the position and location.
  • Corporate positions are generally handled by human resources personnel.

See If Jobs Are Available For Your Local Area

Available Job Opportunities:

Applebee’s has four levels of opportunities including :baristas, supervisors, managers and corporate. Each level represents individual goals and requirements.

  • Hourly team members
  • management
  • Corporate positions
  • Franchisor

Applebee’s hires individuals who are varied in their education and experience. In the Applebee’s neighborhood, a consistent drive for great customer service and attention to detail and success are the utmost important goals.

Beyond the standard restaurant level opportunities, you may also have the option of being a franchisor. Have you always dreamed of owning your own restaurant? Well with Applebee’s, you can! Applebee’s provides an excellent franchise system that provides interested parties with the tools they need for success.

Professional Job Opportunities:

Applebee’s operates a corporate office in Kansas City Missouri, and at other support center locations across the world. These positions are varied and may require a higher degree of education and experience in order for applicants to qualify. These positions may include opportunities in the areas of: human resources, accounting, communications, legal, marketing, and others.


Applebee’s is an international company operating nearly 2,000 restaurants in all. Within the Applebee’s family of employees, you can expect to join 28,000 other individuals worldwide.

Store Hours:

Most Applebee’s locations open between 10-11 a.m. and close between midnight and 1 a.m. These hours may vary depending upon your geographic location.